How to confirm your email and phone number?

Follow these steps to confirm your email:

  • Log into your profile on the site.
  • Click the "Confirm email" button.
  • You will receive an email with a link, click on it. If there is no email in your inbox, please check the "Spam" folder.

If you have any problems with verification – please, contact support.

Follow these steps to confirm your phone number:

  • Log into your profile on the site.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Click the "Confirm number" button.
  • Enter the code from the SMS in the popup window and click the "Confirm" button.
  • If something went wrong, click the "Resend SMS" button.

If you have any difficulties or questions – please, contact support.

How to recover your password?

You can recover your password when you enter the site using the special "Reset password" button. Then enter the email address specified during account registration in the popup window. Next, check your email and follow the instructions in the letter.

How to change your name, phone number, or email?

Unfortunately, you can’t make changes yourself because this will require additional verification on our part. To resolve this issue, contact support.

Cash transactions

How to make a deposit?

Go to the "Cashbox" section and make a deposit via any payment method convenient for you. Indicate the amount you want to deposit and follow the further instructions on the payment page. Pay attention to the conversion, if it is specified. Before making a deposit to activate the bonus, it is necessary to activate the bonus itself.

How to withdraw funds?

  1. Confirm your phone number and email in your profile.
  2. Wager the amount of the last deposit (it is necessary to turn over each deposit at least three times before withdrawing of winnings). You can check if you have met the wagering requirements on the withdrawal page.
  3. If you placed bets with bonus funds, please make sure you have made a deposit within the last 30 days.
  4. Complete all conditions of the bonus after its activation.
  5. Make sure that all payment details in the withdrawal request are correct.
  6. Make sure that you have confirmed all documents. If something is not uploaded, we recommend that you upload all documents before creating a withdrawal request – this will help you avoid unnecessary fuss when creating the request.

What is a threefold turnover of a deposit?

Threefold turnover of the deposit is a condition that means that each deposit should be turned over three times before withdrawal of the winnings. For example, if you have deposited 10 EUR, then it is necessary to wager 30 EUR in total.

What are the terms for processing withdrawal requests?

Typically, processing of the withdrawal request takes 24 to 36 hours. But your request can be processed faster, depending on some conditions (for example, you can upload documents in advance in the "Profile" section).

How can I find out the status of a withdrawal request?

Go to the "Cashbox" section, click on the "Withdrawal history" button and you will see all the relevant information.

Can I use multiple payment methods?

Yes, you can make a deposit in your account using any convenient payment method available in the "Cashbox" section. If you cannot create a request for a previously used payment method, then you can choose any of the available methods. Please note that additional checks may be required in this case.


How to verify your identity?

To verify your identity, you should upload a photo of the spread of your passport or ID card on both sides with the following data: full name, date of birth (the data should be completely identical to those specified in the profile), the series and number of the document, the date of its issue, and the expiration date (if it is provided). Documents should be of high quality and be visible in the photo as a whole.

How to verify your address?

To verify the address, you should upload an official document with the following data: full name, address of residence, and date of issue of the document (not older than 3 months from the current date). It can be: bank statements; an invoice for utilities or other services; correspondence with government institutions.

How to verify Papara?

To verify the Papara wallet, you should take a screenshot of the home page of your personal account and upload it. The screenshot should necessarily show the full name of the owner, phone number, customer email, and wallet number (Papara numarasi). The data should be of good quality and be visible in the photo as a whole.

How to verify MiFinity?

To verify the MiFinity wallet, you should take and upload a screenshot of the home page with the Transactions tab with transactions on your account. As well as a screenshot of the "Profile Details" tab of the "Profile" section (in the upper right corner click on your name, then on the "Profile" tab), where email (this is the wallet ID) and the username in the upper right corner are indicated.

How to verify Visa / Mastercard?

To verify Visa / Mastercard you should take a photo of the front and back of the card. The photo should show the masked number of the card (the first 6 and last 4 digits of its number), the name and surname of the holder, and the date of expiration. In the absence of personal data on the card, a statement with the name of the cardholder and the last four digits of the card is necessary. If the card is virtual, screenshots of the full page of the application with the above data (masked card number, card expiration date, name and surname of the cardholder) will be necessary.

How to verify a bank transfer?

To verify a bank transfer, you should provide an account statement with the following data: bank account number (IBAN), surname and name of the holder. You can also take a photo of the plastic card if it has an IBAN and the name of the client.

How to verify a Piastrix wallet?

To verify the Piastrix wallet, you need to download the screenshot of the "Profile Settings" tab from the "Profile" section of the payment system. The wallet itself also needs to be verified. Full name of the owner, date of birth and wallet number should be displayed on the screenshot in good quality.

How to verify Jeton?

To verify the Jeton wallet, you should upload a screenshot of your personal account. The screenshot should contain the full name of the holder, wallet number, phone number, and email address in good quality. Registered users in the application can find the necessary information in the "Settings" and "User Info" sections.

How to verify eZeeWallet?

To verify the eZeeWallet account, you should take a screenshot of the home page of your personal account the Dashboard tab and upload it. The screenshot should be of good quality and contain the following data: wallet ID, full name of the holder, and email address. Users of the mobile application also should take screenshots with the above data.

How to verify PayFix?

To verify the PayFix wallet, you should take a screenshot of the client's profile and upload it. The screenshot should contain the following data in good quality: the client's name, digital wallet ID, and email address (PayFix No/Payfix Numarasi). For users of the mobile application, screenshots with the above data are required.

How to verify Volt?

To verify Volt, you should upload a bank statement (for a single transaction or for the deposit period). The account number, full name of the holder, amount, date of transaction, as well as a description of the payment (in whose favor the payment was made) should be visible in full on the statement in good quality. The statement should be provided in PDF format or as a screenshot taken in the application.

How to verify Netbanking?

To verify Netbanking, you should provide an account statement, where the account number and the name of the holder should be visible in good quality.

How long will it take to process my documents?

Your documents will be processed faster if there is an active withdrawal request. If there is no active request, the documents are processed on a firstcome, firstserved basis.

Can I use a residence permit instead of a passport?

Yes, if you don’t have a passport

What document can I provide as a document with the address of residence if I rent a house (payment receipts come to another person) and do not use bank cards?

You can provide any official document with the following data: full name, address of residence, and date of issue (not older than 3 months from the current date).

Why is a driver's license not suitable as an identity document?

The driver's license is a confirmation of the right to drive vehicles. It does not have enough data that is necessary to verify the identity of the client.

What statement is required to verify the Revolut card?

You should make a Card Confirmation statement with a list of all Revolut cards.

Why is my address necessary?

The site rules contain a list of countries where it is forbidden to play. We should make sure that you do not live in one of them.

Why can't I hide part of the code and series of the passport?

You can hide some of the data, but the first two and last two digits of the number, as well as part of the document series, should be visible. This is necessary to confirm the authenticity of your documents.

Why is the registration in the passport not suitable?

The document should contain the full name, address of residence, and date of issue. The registration does not have all the necessary data.

Why is a bank statement necessary for verification?

The statement is required to confirm the ownership of an unnamed bank card.

Why is it necessary to take a selfie with an ID card for verification?

The procedure is necessary to prevent the possible use of your documents by unauthorized persons.

Why is it necessary to provide a new address document every month?

In Turkish documents that confirm the address, the validity period of the document is indicated (often the validity period is 1 month). When the document expires, the document is considered invalid and should be updated.

Why can't I upload multiple cards to my profile at once?

Do not add payment methods that you do not use to your profile. But you can download all the bank cards that were used to make deposits.